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Landrace Cannabis Preservation

It was once believed that the difference between a #sativa high and an #indica high was due to differing levels of #cannabinoids such as #CBD and #THC. However, we now know that this is likely not the case. Research has shown different #strains have very different #terpeneprofiles, which could account for the variation in medicinal benefits that are experienced. #Terpenes are the chemicals which determine the aroma and flavor of a particular #cannabisstrain. They are actually found in many #plants, not just #cannabis . The aromatic compounds are also thought to play a crucial role in the entourage effect. *(#Theentourageeffect is the name for a phenomenon in which #cannabinoids used in combination with one another appear to be more effective than if they were used alone.#isolates) original #landracestrains developed in complete isolation from one another, so each one produces a extremely unique terpene profile. A #Kush strain grown in the high altitudes of the Himalayas has a completely different genetic profile from a #Jamaican strain which grew in the warm carribean in rich, volcanic soil. landrace are still as close as is possible to the original strains of cannabis that grew naturally tens of thousands of years ago,The only strains which are 100% sativa or indica🌱 unlike the slew of genetically modified hybrids around 2day. If your familiar with the difference between #alkalinefood and #hybridfood it's the same concept⚡⚡⚡ Logically #landracegenetics have the highest density of nutritional and medicinal content just like #alkaline food compared 2 #hybridized . As babylon "#legalise" or rather assume control of the plant , we are moving further away from its full and true effectiveness. Cannabis needs to grow freely in the #wild and without any #selectivebreeding techniques to result in a landrace strain. Because of their rarity and importance, it’s become crucial for the #cannabiscommunity to #preserve the unique genetics of landrace strains. Not just trying to create the next new smell and color . Otherwise #Monsanto and #Bayer will be in control of #cannabisgenetics .😰 Even Tobacco was once a sacred medicine that didn't cause dis-ease. #11HyLYFE

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