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Health Is the Greatest Wealth!

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

LYFE⚡It's quality over quantity , not about living longer, and definitely not about depriving ourselves life's pleasures. It's about living the short amount of if we get (however long is still short) to its fullest capacity . Sickness and disease make living life horrible. All the creative energies and economical decisions that would be used to master Passions and form Legacies become dedicated to fighting the illness. Compare someone halfway to their goal in Optimal Health and someone almost to their goal and then fall ill. Having an ailment of any kind is not living our best life.

I don't care if it's high blood pressure, diabetes, or whatever. Illness changes the course and purpose of existence, failure and success are no longer gauged by accomplishments but by rather progression or regression of disease and its symptoms. It saps Creative Energy, compromises what one is able to produce in a lifetime.Yes It may very well compromise that lifetime itself, just know that's the easy part... Educate yourself and Do your best.


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