All Cannabis usage and deliveries are medicinal 

Inhaled delivery is optimal for specific #neurological and physiological conditions as well as Urgent Care in some cases (ex. #bronchodilator properties for asthmatics or the ability to halt seizure and other #spazmatic activity) It was eaten for millennia as nutrition and medicine,but it was also inhaled as smoke by way of incense often in small tent like enclosures. About 2,500 years ago you start seeing archaeological remains of the portable smoking apparatuses, in my opinion (using logic) is the smoking and devices for smoking likely came about as an advancement in medicine i.e. making it portable for healers to carry and tend to patients and using it for Urgent Care as the studies of these medicinal values spread. Maybe even to use less of a sacred herb in ceremony for maximum effect,as opposed the burning large amounts in an incense blend,or for the individual #shamanic #meditation🤔food for thought. Anyhow ,once you understand the endogenous #cannabinoid system, environmental toxicity, overactive cortisol response, homeostasis ,and how we are NOT in it; you realize there is no such thing as #recreational #Cannabis usage. It's all medicine. Any individual who Alters their mind in any fashion be able to relax , further or fully appreciate or enjoy a space in time is unwittingly medicating a overactive cortisol response that is toxifying their system. Cheers💨


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