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Oskii Chevanier

11 HyHolistic LLC


We believe homeostasis is the key to wellness and healing dis-ease .


11 Hy Holistic LLC is four generations of Jamaican agriculture and holistic medicine combined with over twenty-five years of cannabis experience.  Reaching wellness is a journey of many roads.


Our Consultation Services:

  1. Consultation Services – a wide range of holistic options

  2. Whole Foods plant-based nutritional education

  3. Eating plans designed to be delicious convenient and kid-friendly to align with today's fast-paced lifestyle.

  4. Preparation of our field-tested proprietary holistic healing blends and crafting methods to treat each and every ailment.

  5. Urban gardening consults to teach strategies for growing food and herbs no matter your living space


Our Educational Services:

  1. Cannabis Manipulation education including methods and techniques to treat all ailments with whatever access to cannabis one may have, targeted for caregivers, patients, and industry newcomers
    Organic Indoor hemp cultivation consultation services for aspiring craft growers and hemp farmers

  2. STEAM ready Kids gardening classes

  3. Urban agriculture curriculums to teach students, residents, caregivers and or patients how to produce and harvest food and herbs with limited space and resources


11HyHolistic LLC strives to uplift communities and educates its residents with creative content.  We consult and teach anyone at any age to enjoy achieving optimal Health and Wellness.  Join us on a forward journey, back to the time of my grandfather.  In 2010 he died at the age of 103, never having had any illnesses – Aboriginal Wellness.

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